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Default Re: What team scares you? and why?

Originally Posted by clevestinks
Most of you lucky enough to still live in Steelers Country, probably dont have to worry about the humiliation at work, in stores, from neighbors, hell from friends, strangers and even family. I live in a hostile envirorment, cleveland well 35 miles east of crap town, I take it all. But I can handle it, I live for it, I love it!
I'm right there with you...I had a slight reprieve for a few years in Florida, but there were so many bandwagon whores down there (both college and pro) that it was difficult to walk into a sports bar and not hear some ignorant fan of the latest greatest team yell some kind of nonsense at me...

Humiliation, though? Why are you humiliated? Even when we lost to the expansion Browns I was laughing so hard myself at the ineptitude of "Can't" Graham that it left the Browns fans nowhere to can you say anything worse than "we are now the worst team in the league because we just lost to the worst team in the league"?

At least the Browns fans display a little humility...even when they win. There is a certain graciousness to most of them, a respect born of shared circumstances and similar backgrounds...that was most marked when the Browns went away for a few years. Most of them don't mock too loud or too long because they now know that what goes around comes around. The Browns fans have a certain midwestern sensibility that the eastern seaboard fans lack. When I talk to Philly, NY, Washington, and Boston fans, there is a pronounced arrogance, a self-perceived elitism that they can't hide. They, and their teams, are "Better than us"...they "Know better than us"...they live in bigger cities, and, according to them, if we were as good, we'd live there if we didn't have a choice in the matter.

Give me a sports bar filled with Browns and Steelers fans and I'll show you a fun sports bar to go watch the game at. Give me a Sports bar filled with Giants and Eagles fans, and I'll show you a lot of police reports...
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