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Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
I just enforce the rules as I see them, no matter how much I like the guy breaking them.

Calling someone a 'puke' is a personal attack - this guy responds with something similar and we have a mud slinging match.

If you dont like people posting pessimistic stuff then say that, there really isnt any need for name-calling - its not going to lead to anywhere worthwhile.

Congrats on the 8,000 - you are one of my favorite posters here

I wasnt going to mention who gave me the infraction. I`ve said over and over, forget it, it aint worth it. Ive seen alot worse around here, i know not everything can get caught.

Your profile says you average just under 12 posts per day. Truly you are a forum who-re. Congrats! :P

Pins dont say wh-ore!
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