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Default Re: Ben's Status??

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
Few points...

One - injury reports are official from the head coach. There seems to be some bad blood in the NFL among coaches when players are given a grade on Thursday then presto are at a different level on Sunday. Sorta like a truth in advertising honesty system among coaches, thats why they don't like players commenting on it.
Two - Hurt vs. Injured. While he was held out today, I think by Sunday this will be a hurt problem and nothing to hold him out. Also, even though it was a 158.3 day, if you heard Cowher miked up on HBO Ben is still having trouble reading the correct coverage. He got rythm and confidence in week one. Why sit him this week and lose that momentum when technically the risk of getting injured this week at say 90-95% is about the sane as next week at 100%.
Three-Stop looking past the Texans. We need our best players on the field every week.

We better not be looking past the Texans..we better not be lookin past anybody!! We need every win in every game we can get !!!
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