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Default Re: Add Ann Coulter to the list with Pat and Jerry

Originally Posted by Prosdo View Post
You know I saw something like this the other day in a video a friend sent me that sickened me. It was this ridciulous lady who claimed to have her own Baptist Church. The church consisted of 80 people or so 80% her relatives. They would stand outside churches where soliders funerals were and hold signs that said "Thank God For Dead Solidiers" and "No Innocent People Die". I mean seriously how sick. The state she was in ended up passing a law about protests and such had to be 500 yards away from a funeral or something like that. She was on CNN or something and they chewed her out on there.
I've heard that crazy wench. She is from Kansas and has called into Adam Corolla's show many times. Even her daughters are all brainwashed and parrot what the mom says. Its funny and sad at the same time.
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