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Default Re: Add Ann Coulter to the list with Pat and Jerry

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
Lets all agree that virtually every person we are talking about here either has an agenda or is a far left/right lunatic.
I fought in a war that the "far-left" said was all about oil prices. Well...Al Gore (specifically made statements) and Barbara Boxer (who is about as bright as a box of hair) can kiss my patriotic red/white/blue ass!!! I was only in country for about 1 week when I KNEW what I was fighting for...I talked to Kuwaiti refugees who told me about their relatives being shot for being "political"...their daughters being raped by soldiers to force the families to rat out insurgents....I saw a little boy who had his hand slammed in a door repeatedly. I was fighting against "evil"...its not something that is arbitrary...not something that is "up to the individual to define"...Bad is bad and Good is good and EVERY person is born with at least a small notion of the difference.
I say that to point out that it was "politically expedient" for certain members of political parties and certain radio "heads" to try and paint themselves as intellectuals and "whole-world thinkers". THEIR agenda and political future became more important than truth!
Ann Coulter is no different..just opposite sides of the political spectrum. She is trying to sell a book....period. I have no love for wifes of 911 victims, who appear in political ads...TACKY!....DISRESPECTFUL!....but words ARE weapons and Ann Coulter very often needs to put away her tanks and use a pistol when making a point. HOWEVER ...please dont use Al Franken and his empty bag of gummi bears that he calls literature as a means to prove a point.
No one person speaks for any political party...No one person can speak for all individuals... An opportunistic Ann Coulter no more speaks for the Republican party than the lying, thiefing Hillary Clinton represents Democrats...nor for that matter...does a group of idiotic illiterate fanatics (who probably should try READING the Bible, instead of placing the doctrine of men above the Doctrine of God) represent the Baptist faith.
It is up to US to use a small portion of discernment when reading/listening to any person whos job relies on our willingness to open our pocketbook.
Well said and a good nugget as to why the troops loved Rumsfeld and detest Kerry.
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