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Originally Posted by sumo View Post
I liked the mix of donkey in the whitehouse and elephants in congress I liked the mix of [Clinton] in the white house and republicans with control of congress - it seemed to work well from a legislative/getting good things done standpoint
I agree.

And, I already argued all this stuff already. Going over it again is a waste of energy. There are new eggs to fry, and they've only had a week and there is nothing to criticize yet. We're digging up the past. Kerry, Clinton, Coulter... old news. Give the new folks some time, let's wait for something fresh to tear to shreds. I want blood and Hines0wnz is giving me dried beef jerky!

I can hardly wait to see what becomes of our new Representative Chris Carney, who defeated my employer Don Sherwood. He is a Dem who was on the committee that validated the reports of WMD... that should be fun.

Don himself, well he got defeated because he pulled a Clinton and believe me, voters think local. That didn't go over well here in ultraconservative NE PA. Which is too bad, because Don is more of a realist and compromiser than he is a hard liner. He did well for the district. We were better off with him. He could have been congressman for life if he'd kept it zippered.


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