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Originally Posted by Hines0wnz View Post
My apologies for not giving you something better to chew on...yet. I have primarily been on here for game chat when I stumbled upon on this lovely forum. Some of it stirred my interests as I had been on other sites for political discussions. Now I have a new sandbox to play in!
That's cool. I hope to find you a worthy sounding board. Be forewarned though, that I prefer original thought to regurgitated nonsense. Quoting Ann Coulter is nowhere near as much fun as looking at what people in government (or news otherwise) have said and done, and then giving your interpretation; what you liked about it, what you thought was totally idiotic, etc.

I NEVER mind being disagreed with. Sometimes folks have changed my mind, or at least opened my eyes to another side of an issue. Most issues are problems because they defy easy solutions. That is why compromise (rather than unilateral fiat ala Coulter et al) has worked so well over the past 225 years; folks on both sides have taken the time to see why their opposites feel the way they do, and then they accomodate them.

For example; Bush wants to send more troops to Iraq, but Congress is threatening to withhold funding. Tough one; man, everyone wants to win this thing, but is more troops the answer? If we do it will it work? Is the human cost worth it if it doesn't? I don't have an answer. Maybe more troops would have worked in the beginning, but I don't see it right now. But wth do I know. My take is that Iraq has been hopelessly bungled from the start, and may very well turn out to be the worst debacle in the history of our nation. And I don't mean that from a "stand-off-to-the-side hate the US international sense"; I mean that this war has seriously damaged our self interests and self preservation as a global political force. I certainly hope it has not. But that is not for you nor I to decide, only history will tell.

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