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Originally Posted by Sith Lord View Post
Thanks for all of your help. its very possible the answer is the hard disk space, as the drive the burner is associated with is only 8 GB, with 6.5 GB full. I have to find a way to associate the burner with my 300 gb drive.
Ah, well then that would be the problem - 2.5 GB is not enough space to create a DVD, and that is why it freezes up. You need at least 4.8 GB free to create a disc, and even that is cutting it close. There may be a setting somewhere in your program that will allow you to change where the CD/DVD data is stored - if so, you can set it to store it on your 300 GB drive. If not, uninstall the software from your 8 GB drive and then reinstall it on your larger drive - that way, it'll automatically create the data file there rather than the smaller drive.

Good luck, and glad I can help!
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