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Default Re: Florida VS Ohio State

Originally Posted by Hines0wnz View Post
Not trying to raise a stink because it didnt even matter in the game's outcome but the refs (from the PAC-10 no less) didnt even take a measurement and I felt it was close enough to at least measure it.

It was a good pasting by Florida and pretty much shoots the BCS in the foot...again. However, I make comparisons to the 1997 Sugar Bowl when UF pasted FSU and I feel the same now as I did then about these games. It was a scheme win and that's not to take anything away from the Gators but it was more or less a resume game for Meyer to get himself in the running for a pro job. And we all know how well Spurrier did in the NFL.

Hey... HinesOwnz
where is all the Buckeyes stuff at the bottom of your threads? What a joke of a stand your team made last night... Maybe Boise St. did deserve to play the Gators for the tittle game last night....TROY WHO? Nothing personal... just think that is pretty clear that the Buckeyes were really not prepared for that Gator speed...
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