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Default Miller - OROTY


This is an article written awhile ago by a writer here at Steelers Fever. The author makes arguments for Heath Miller winning the Offensive Rookie of The Year award this year.

What a crock.

Heres Why:

1. There has not been a TE who was won The Associated Press' OROTY since 1967. (the fatherest back date I could find)

2. There were several United Press OROTY who were TE's..but those have been discontinured since 1996. No chance there, but the past winners are:

1. Keith Jackson - 88'
2. Robert Awalt - 87'
3. Charlie Young - 73'
4. Mike Ditka - 61'

As quoted inside in the article:

"Perhaps Miller can wash the taste of Eric Green out of Pittsburgh?s collective mouth. Maybe Cowher and Wisenhunt can make Heath Miller 2005?s version of Jeremy Shockey - the last TE to earn OROY status."

3. Jermey shockey won the PEPSI OROTY award. Kinda like voting for the high school homecoming king...who's the most popular? Is this author trying to make a Pepsi fan poll into a valid argument?
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