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Default Re: Florida VS Ohio State

Originally Posted by Hines0wnz View Post
They lost and its over. They were not prepared and listened to the hype which made them think they were just going to win by dressing and showing up.

Gator speed? Not something I really saw, more like Gator deception. No long balls and no running game, it was all dink and dunk in the zones. Florida found a flaw that no one else could expose all year and they absolutely executed their cutie game plan to perfection. Had Florida played Boise State it would have been the "Trick Bowl" for sure.

Like I had said in my other post, the FSU-UF Sugar Bowl in 1997 was about a gimmick-type game plan. Wuerffel threw nothing but quick slants the whole game. FSU isnt a slow team, FYI and Ohio State isnt a blubbering slow team itself. They just got outplayed.

I guess its easy to hate other teams when NC isnt exactly known for its football prowess.

Gator Speed ! YES! Thier defensive ends were so fast that three d linemen dominated the five offensive linemen from OSU. The only good drive of the game for the buckeyes, they left a TE to block, and a back in the backfield. Then it worked so they changed and went back to a spread set. The freshman runng back from Fla, looks to be the fastest athlete I ever seen
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