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Default Re: Bush reconsiders.... now off to the NFL

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Offensive line (Starks, Hartings' retirement, Faneca being FA for 2008) and LB (Farrior not getting any younger, Porter probably gone no later than after 2007) are both higher priorities than RB. I agree someone needs to take the load off Parker, but the RB issue is less pressing IMHO; need to address both OL and LB first unless a RB is hanging around that Steelers thought to be of much greater value on their draftboard when they draft in round 2.

I'm of the mindset that one can accuire quality O-lineman from the 3rd round onward. Could we use help up front ? Certainly,.....but we are far from being the "Cardinals" in this respect.
And regarding LB,......when was the last time we used a 1st rounder to address the position ? Yet we always seem to maintain a level of production from our corps that even during our worst times,..... remains at least in the League top ten. (32 teams)
I think upgrading the secondary and or adding a "Power" compliment to Willie is of far more pressing concern with our early day one picks. (ESPECIALLY in the 1st)

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