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Default Re: Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway...

Originally Posted by floodcitygirl View Post
I agree with both of you. I think we may have our running team!

I don't know if you'd want me in power FloodCity LOL I'd close ALL borders (at least for the next hundred years) and require that every citizen holds NO other allegiance before that of this Nation. (this would include all peoples of any ethnic descent)
And if "provoked" by any foreign power i would wage "total war" (ie no "sitting duck" police duty for our soldiers) just "foot to azz" and bring home the spoils.

And in turn i would make certain that those "spoils" would benefit the people of this Nation before any other. Using them to place greater economic emphasis on education, the Arts, research and technology. As well as that of quality health care and retirement for all citizens. (Basically if you declare yourself an enemy, will pay for it in all fashions)

We waste so much money, "bribes" catering to the political agenda's of other countries. I think it's time we took care of "In house affairs". Even if it requires the "Iron fist in the velvet glove" so to speak. LOL
Bottom line,..... i think you might consider me something of a "Dictator". (Though i would have the purerest intentions i assure you) LOL

"Hail Caesar,.......HAIL THE BLACK AND GOLD"
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