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Default Re: Bush reconsiders.... now off to the NFL

Originally Posted by SteelCzar76 View Post
I'm of the mindset that one can accuire quality O-lineman from the 3rd round onward. Could we use help up front ? Certainly,.....but we are far from being the "Cardinals" in this respect.
And regarding LB,......when was the last time we used a 1st rounder to address the position ? Yet we always seem to maintain a level of production from our corps that even during our worst times,..... remains at least in the League top ten. (32 teams)
I think upgrading the secondary and or adding a "Power" compliment to Willie is of far more pressing concern with our early day one picks. (ESPECIALLY in the 1st)

"Hail Caesar,......HAIL THE BLACK AND GOLD"
I agree, kind of.

I'm not sold that davenport can be the back if parker goes down for an extended amount of time. But i dont necessarily think that we have to use a first rounder on a running back that is AT BEST going to split time with parker (parkers extension ...). Our LB's are aging, our D-line could use a solid pass rusher .. Kiesel did pretty well but also completely disappeard/got dominated but some o-lineman (see baltimore games). How about the offensive line??? faneca can still dominate any d-lineman in the league, however, I really think his supporting cast affected his play. A lot depends on who the coach is. itll be up to him and colbert to pick that players that will fit the new coaches system
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