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Originally Posted by The JoKeR View Post
I know I'm new here and I usually don't complain much about anything, but today I ran into something rather sad and disturbing. I'm in the Air Force and am working today. I've had at LEAST 5 people ask me what today's date was. Now on a normal day that's fine....but 4 years ago today is when the towers fell, flight 93 went down in shanksville, and the pentagon was under attack. On the outside it might not seem like a big deal...but this is the military we're talking about. Just a gripe on my part, but please keep the families and friends of the victims in your thoughts for at least one day out of the year.
Sad. This is why the ACLU and other "groups" should be told to shut the hell up when images or video of 9/11 is shown. People forget and move on and the islamofacists are counting on that to strike us again. The WTC was hit twice you know but no one remembers that? Clinton obviously forgot and Bush gets blamed for it? I will never forget, hell I will never forget Pearl Harbor and that was two generations before I was born! We all need to have less attitude about being offended when it comes to 9/11 and make sure every man, woman, child, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, son, daughter, best friend, stranger, traffic cop, dog walker, etc. etc. etc. remembers what happened on that day. We, as citizens, are the best defense of this country. They, the terrorists, count on our apathy to carry out their next mission of death. Be a real citizen and stand ready to take down anyone who would threaten our security as a nation.

Sorry for the uh.....rant but stories about people forgetting such tragedies really surprise me and get my blood steaming.
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