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Originally Posted by SteelerFanInCA View Post
Yeah, I'm in favor of getting the best player available especially if he has the potential to be a game breaker.
I agree, we have quite a few positions to sure up so to me the best player available scenerio works for me. Best available DE/OLB, OL, CB and yes even a big RB or WR.

As far as Najeh goes I think he has done a good job for us in more than one area this year, BUT I guess I expected more. He just doesn't seem to be the bruiser that we need (yes for our style of football we need a big bruiser).

On that note I don't believe Peterson is the answer either, sorry but I'm on the Bush bandwagon (although I don't think Bush goes in the 1st round). I think we have some depth at RB so I don't think it is a pressing need, but I would like to see some more talent. This is not a slam on FWP, but I agree with others that think we need two talented backs. (plus FWP needs to work on his blocking to be a premier back)
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