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Originally Posted by Stillers#1 View Post
How is he not the answer? He wasn't used enough as it is, but when he caught the ball he averaged almost 13 YPC. He wasn't super impressive running the ball with only a 3.7 YPC, but that is eerily similar to the Bus' production last year, which was 3.3 per carry.

Najeh is doing just fine, it's narrow minded people like you, WHO HAVE TO HAVE A BIG NAME BACK, that want to criticize everything about our RB's that make them look bad.

And open you eyes, we don't need a "3rd down back" Willie and Najeh can take care of that, and Najeh is very able bodied to take care of short yardage.
Najah runs like he is 6'9" tall... he is NOT the Answer for our power back.. Yur' best power backs are probably gonna be under 6 feet tall.. most under 5'10"... I dont have to have another big name back, yeah we already have a pretty darn good back in Willie and I am satisfied with him, but we need a good young stout power back to help Willie late in games to wear out the defense..and Veron Haynes is our best 3rd down back.. remember him? Willie, as much as I like him he cant block ... that is his worst asset to our team..
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