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Default Re: at it again

Originally Posted by KingKoopa
but what i'm saying is that we've shown we can beat good teams y'all haven't, the ravens were considered a superbowl contender and the same team that we destoryed, beat the shit out of them, that running back that ppl call one of the best in the league only had 9 yards on them while our unknown had 161 on them. so maybe the titans ain't as bad as we made them look. the vikings are as bad as y'all made them look the bucs did the exact same crap y'all did. y'all didn't do nothing special, we also beat the crap out of the texans, the bills couldn't even get in the redzone in the first half against them and the bills were also considered a very good team and we are destroying teams that others being considered playoff and superbowl caliber teams are losing to or waiting to the last moment to pull away.
Are you sure you're not a raiders fan?

Please make some paragraphs or at least a few coherent sentences.
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