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Default Ok, gameday is barely over....

and I have the new poem already .. LOL. I was inspired after today!

Plus, I have to go to Toledo for a wedding, I leave wednesday, and I'm absolutely determined to make it back to Nashville, Sunday before the game; I'm glad it's a late one! LOL

Steelers vs Patriots

Now week 2 is over and done
The Steelers have again convincingly won

The Texans turned up the heat with an opened dome
We still gave them a loss at home

Parker had another game over a hundred yards
A starting job might just be in the cards

A real challenge comes to us this week
We hope to continue our winning streak

The Patriots may have lost but they'll put up a fight
But the Steelers will come out on top Sunday night

We'll put the pressure on Brady from the time it begins
This is a key to ensure Pittsburgh wins

Throw a few passes to Randle El, Wilson, or Ward
A touchdown or two will go up on the board

A running team is how we are known
But we're proving to be good whether it's run or it's thrown

We're on a roll on the other side of the ball too
Offensive lines are scared of Troy Polamalu

Whether it's Troy, Porter, Hampton, or any of our "D"
Keep an eye out, you never know where they'll be

So bring it on, Patriots and I'll finish this rhyme
Not in our house - Not this time!
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