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Default Re: Week 2 - Official Steelers vs Texans Game Thread

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
I agree with the injury logic, but I agree on keeping them in. Why? It reestablishes the 60 minute a game mentality. You have had two dominating wins on the scoreboard. If you take the starters out, you have them chit chat on the sideline for the 4th and then all week you are kinda trying to put the back in focus. Its like a mental prevent defense. Just keep doing what your doing. If it was the playoffs/bye week/or such then fine sit them but not a week away from the Pats. Focus first.

I could agree with that but the thing that bothers me is that with 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter how many series are both offense and defense going to see? Perhaps 2-3??
Just too big of a risk IMO.
At that point I think it's just about milking the clock.

Could you imagine the media and fan firestorm coming down on Cowher had a key starter been lost in last few minutes of the game when the outcome was a foregone conclusion?? He would be Crucified beyond belief.

The game announcers Steve Tasker and Don Criqui were both commenting about why the Steelers starters were still out there so late in the game.
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