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Default Re: Bush reconsiders.... now off to the NFL

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Offensive line (Starks, Hartings' retirement, Faneca being FA for 2008) and LB (Farrior not getting any younger, Porter probably gone no later than after 2007) are both higher priorities than RB. I agree someone needs to take the load off Parker, but the RB issue is less pressing IMHO; need to address both OL and LB first unless a RB is hanging around that Steelers thought to be of much greater value on their draftboard when they draft in round 2.
I with Dan on this completely. I watched the XL replay for the first time yesterday and I can't say enough about the play of Alan Faneca...Hartings too. The blocking scheme on Parker's 75 yard TD looked automatic. I would have given Faneca the Super Bowl MVP. Starks (a precursor to his follow up season) looked clumsy and fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. Lost.

IMHO we must take the best offensive lineman available. Period. The situation with the O-line is almost dire. If you think Parker had trouble running against Baltimore last season...Oh and we get to play Jacksonville again.

Colon looks promising. Marvel Smith degressed but finished strong - against weaker teams. But if the murmurs about moving Simmons to center is any indication about the confidence in Okobi then that is just one more huge question mark. Who knows WTF we can expect from Essex or Kemoeatu. If anyone can see optimism in that then please forward the rose-colored glasses.

At LB we have alot of bodies on roster in terms of numbers at least. Time to shore up quality.
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