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Default Re: Bring on the Pats !!!!

SF and BRC, can this board with all its high tech gizmos trace how many Pats made posts between them losing to Carolina and now? Just a hunch, but they were on such a roll leading into the game, but haven't really seen anything after. Sure one or two posts being gentlemen and declaring a crappy game, but shouldn't they at least not use our excuse about the PATS losing the game and not CAR winning?

I just hope we treat this like another speedbump in the road to Detroit and don't make it more than it is. A game against an AFC team that could help post season positioning. Winning this game will mean nothing towards all those AFCCG in the past or SuperBowls in the future.

Interesting note for the game, last year they were without Dillon and they said it made a difference. We are now without Bus and Duce, which actually will make the difference as well. Parker runs wild against a front four that gets tired due to lack of depth. Troy, Haggans pressure Brady just enough. Porter and Farrior smell the screens. Ike and Ricardo match up with the WR.
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