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Default Re: Bring on the Pats !!!!

Well yeah, actually if you click on their profiles it will list all of their posts to date,and I believe most recent first..but u can also see it in the admin panels as well

But yes Im anxious to see how this plays out from the dillon standpoint too..last year all we heard all around the league was how the Pats didnt have dillon, or this player healthy, or that player this year..They have dillon, but they have lost ALOT of personnel and there is alot of new faces trying to come together..

So if we win, will there be excuses or just a good game/congrats to the better team that day type of thing.

We've got our share of injuries too... so lets cut the shit and get to playing the game 11 on 11 every play and BRING IT !!! Cuz you know we're gonna !!!
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