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Default Re: Bart Star on Bill Cowher...

Coolest story about Lombardi...

Word was Vince used to give his guys almost a sermon before every game. Preaching about what to do, what to avoid, over and over about being prepared. Well, one game he decided nothing he could say would fire his guys up enough to get them ready to play any better so he hatched a brilliant plan...The players were in the locker room ready for his 1/2 hour rant about the days game. Everyone in front of their locker waiting for the fire and brimstone...10 minutes pass and no sign of coach...10 more minutes pass, no coach. Players begin to whisper and give each other concerned looks...5 minutes more...6 minutes more...7 minutes mo...!!!'BANG'!!! 3 minutes before field time, Vince kicks open the door to the locker room, stands with gameplan clenched in his fist. Silence comes over the locker room. Then the coach utters the 4 most important words for the day..."Green Bay Packer Football". He turns around and proceeds to the field. The players sit shocked for about half a minute before the pride boils through them and ignites them into a frenzy. The blaze out onto the field and demolish the other team.
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