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Default Re: What are the chances?

Well, if I had to make the choice, I'd go the extra-cautious route and trade down to somewhere in the 20s, hopefully securing an 08 first rounder from a team chasing a QB. In the 20s, I envision one of those top linebackers still being around - Timmons, Buster Davis, Patrick Willis (I particularly like Willis) - and us snapping him up. Quite frankly, the early 2nd round is where there's a run on linebackers as there was last year, so if we're picking say 26th, we should have our pick of quality guys. Last year D'Qwell Jackson and DeMeco Ryans were picked early in the 2nd. If we get a tackling machine like Ryans, I think I can wait till next year to get that impact player.

What the STEELERS will do is highly likely to be sit at 15 and wait for the dumb franchises before us screw up their picks (Because you know you can't be picking in the top 10 if you're a superbly run organisation). Then when some stud like Adrian Peterson (seriously guys, I see another Tomlinson here) drops to us, we pick him and pat ourselves on the back. So trading up seems unlikely and, in my view, unnecessary.
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