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Default Re: Here's to a Great Game on Sunday...

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Can I play fantasy football too?

Ok I want big ben to break his arm clean in half...but not badly...just enough to keep him out for a season or two.

I want Willie to run for....HIS LIFE - when Rodney Harrison chases him with a chainsaw....but not a sharp chainsaw....

I want the Steelers to get beat so bad that they pack up football altogether - and set up a club to watch DVD's of 70's football - when football was great and so were the Steelers....

I want Coach Cowher to have some sort of nervous breakdown at the sheer humiliation his team suffers on sunday - not a bad breakdown...just one of those breakdowns that cost you your job...but NOT your family.

I have lots of other things i want to happen aswell...I will share more with you as the week ticks by....


I think you've had way too much to drink over the weekend drowning your sorrows in that pathetic performance from sunday..
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