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Default Re: Bill Cowhers fate...

I like the fact Cowher has the logest tenure of active coaches. I think it says a lot about the stability of the organization.

I know he has not won it all, and may be too conservative, or is not the best situational coach, but you can't say enough about motivational skills, leadership, preparation, and overall eye for talent.

I have a unique veiw on Cowhers struggles in the playoffs... I think that he is a master motivator and a great leader, and he can get his teams to play above there ability week in and week out in the regular season. The problem is in the late rounds of the playoffs a lesser team will likely get exposed no matter how well prepared or motivated they are. Maybe those Steelers teams under Bill never were the best...

I am not a Superbowl or nothing kinda fan, and if I could pick between...

A). A team that wins a Superbowl, but is usually a non-factor and out of the playoff race.

B). A franchise that is always competitive, and usually at the top of the conference.

I would choose B...
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