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Default Re: Bill Cowhers fate...

Originally Posted by Soldier4Steelers
i think cowher is perfect for the steelers. his downfall is he only knows one kind of football. when he couldnt run it up the gut in 03-04 they missed the playoffs and thats when the real cowher bashing began. id rather watch 15ish seasons of 12 or more wins majority ending in close afc champ L's, then be like the bucs and go a decade absent from the playoffs, win a superbowl... and go RIGHT back to being .... well.... the bucs.
I completely enjoyable was all of last season?

Whenever someone bashes Cowher they usually fail to answer the question of "Who would be a better coach with the Steelers and with the talent they have?"

I do have to disagree just a little...he did change it up a few years ago (remember the arrival of Tommy Gun?) and opened up the passing game. That obviously was a failed experiment.

I just think the type of football Cowher preaches is the type of football we love in Western PA. Hard nosed, physical & tough. They are generally consistent and always competative unlike a lot of teams in the NFL. Look at the Steelers of the 50's & 60's...even though they usually lost, they still intimidated and played physical. Teams hated to come here. It's the same way now but they have more talent and win.

Cowher will win a Super Bowl. And, he will win it his way, the Steeler way. And, I wouldn't WANT it any other way. :sign08:

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