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Default Re: Bill Cowhers fate...

Originally Posted by BB2W
I understand where you are coming from King... I am suprised to see so much support for Cowher. I thought it would be more 50/50... I know many fans feel the same as you, and some would say giving him three years is too generous.
The problem is that most fans who want Cowher gone really don't know why, at least from the arguments I have seen...

Everyone's entitled to their opinion, sure, but I always challenge people as to who would do a better job then Cowher with the Steelers?

Sure, Cowher has a bad record in AFC championship games, but at least he gets the Steelers into them more then most coaches in the NFL. He keeps the Steelers in the hunt more often then not, playing a style of football that is consistent with the organization. The funny thing is that other teams always know what the Steelers are going to right at them for 70% of the game and blitz on defense...period. And Cowher still wins most games. That's pretty good.

If you look at the AFC title games, what has caused the losses? Turnovers. Execution. (special teams) Cowher took a team with a rookie QB to the AFC title game. How often does that happen? As long as Cowher keeps getting them there, they will get one. he is one of the most successful coaches over the last 15 years...

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