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Default Re: Bill Cowhers fate...

I voted that Bill Cowher should stay as long as he wants, he deserves it! I did not always feel that way.

I wanted Cowher gone when Parcells was available. However, I now know those were kneejerk reactions all relating to the seemingly "never make any adjustments because we have so much money wrapped in KS, we are going to keep him come hell or high water!" attitude from Cowher and Rooney. I still firmly believe they were wrong there but since they finally came to their senses and got rid of Stewart, I am behind Cowher. I am a Steeler fan and feel that the Front Office knows more about this than I will ever even care to know. I just do not like paying good money to see Pop Warner ball and when KS played I booed his butt, but he is gone and that is over. I think that much of the disdain for Cowher came from the Kordell Stewart years and fpor the reasons I have mentioned.

Anyone can beat any other team if the conditions are right, that ole "on any given Sunday............................................ .." thingy

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