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Default very interesting ben statistic- y.p.a.

i was looking at different qb's yards per attempt and was shocked. some notables thru week 2:

leftwich 7.5
pennington 7.0
dilfer 8.1
manning 5.8
delhomme 6.4
bledsoe 8.1
brady 7.0
vick 6.4
palmer 8.3
farve 6.1
brees 6.6
warner 6.7
bulger 6.8
collins 7.1
plummer 5.7
mcnabb 8.0
green 8.0

everybody was pretty much in that 6-8 yds per pass ATTEMPT range. no one had more than 9 yds/ att. except for

ben roethlisberger 14.75

he was supposed to be an over rated qb, entering his sophmore slump, without no deep threats, on a running team, with questions at the o-line. im sure if he had a superbowl ring they would call him the 2nd coming of "the blonde bomber". terry bradshaw always said the reason he didnt put up numbers like some of the greats is because their offense always relied on a strong running game and taking shots downfileld (an offense he pretty much ran and called the plays for). if he was in a dink and dunk west coast offense he would have put up the same numbers as a joe montana. terrys comp. % and passer rating cause of this deep ball philosophy but bens numbers seem to thrive by it. sure its only week 3 but these numbers ben has put up go back to last year facing teams like miami, patriots, dallas, eagles, jaguars, ravens, and redskins. pretty good defenses. sure ben was only 9/11 205 yds and 2 td against a subpar team in the titans, but that was pretty much in the 1st half and he was on pace to throw for 400 yds and 4 td's. same with the following game, the coaching staff shut him down in the 3rd qtr. im willing to go out on a limb and say this guy is for real. keep in mind he is 27-1 if you count his last year of college and this is only his 6th year playing quarterback (he was a wr until his sr. year in highschool). he still has alot of up side. while many people say he is only good because of his supporting cast the same is true of every great qb. the interresting thing about this stat is that it says alot about wisenhunt and the game he is calling. definitely old school steeler football. pound the ball down your throat and start dropping bombs. a beautiful thing to see.
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