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Default Re: Bill Cowhers fate...

Originally Posted by clevestinks
Cant argue with somebody for voicing thier opinion. But who the Hell would you want to hire? Like I said know head coach can gaurantee a ring. Even Belichek couldnt win in Cleveland. I think firing a coach for making the playoffs year after year, really sucks. Give the guy a friggin break. He wants a ring way more than even we do. We are lucky o have him!
hmmmm......well i never thought about that. i don't know, with me it's what have you done for me lately. sounds dumb but i rather see them win a superbowl then win a shitload of regular season games, but i have nothing against him, i like watching him get pissed at the players or the refs pretty damn funny the way his face looks when he's pissed off. he'll get it done sooner or later and it's not always the coaches fault when we lose, he's not out on the field throwing the ball.
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