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Default Re: Bill Cowhers fate...

Originally Posted by Suitanim
I've blamed the players as long as I can...Intensity isn't necesarily measured just by how high the players jump before the game starts, but in how they play every down of the game. The Steelers came out flat in the AFCCG last year...whose fault is that?
Thier own fault!

How pumped where you for that game? I know that your a huge Steelers fan, so I know you were as jacked as I was! You couldnt tlak to me the morning of the game. If you were a cleveland fan that I live around, you knew better than to bust my balls that day. I couldnt sleep the night before. I was almost shaking, and sick to my stomach by kickoff. I was friggin stoked. If I were intense, and you were intense. Then why the frug wouldnt they be. This was the right to play in the superbowl. These are grown men. They played junior high, high school, college, and now pro. They know how to turn it up.

Did anyone ever think that just maybe, just maybe. We were beat by a better team. The Pats have just won 3 of 4 superbowls. Its not like it was a cake walk. Maybe it wasnt Cowhers fault. How many other teams have won 3 of 4 bowls? NONE. This is a damn good team.

Cowher turned a 6-10 team into a 15-1 team in just a season. Pretty friggin great, if you ask me.
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