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Default Re: Senior Bowl Discussion

You can call me a homer for Penn State, but all I heard on Sirius all week long and on was that Puz was having a great week, and could probably fit both a 4-3 or a 3-4 (the latter with some mentoring).

My pitch is that if he is versatile enough, he may also be a good pick if Tomlin decides in the next couple years to go with the 4-3.. Posluszny would theoretically be able to move into that scheme seemlessly.

I'd take a Penn State linebacker over an Ole Miss or a Michigan tweener anyday of the week... maybe I'm a homer, but the dude has the goods, is intelligent, is a Butkus winner, has shown he still has burst on that knee, and has had a great week at the Senior Bowl. I find it hard for any other prospect at linebacker to beat that, and I really don't think any of them can. I would really hate to see him land anywhere else but in black and gold.

Puz is my hope.
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