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Default Re: English Football

Originally Posted by Hawk Believer View Post
OK, I have been following a soccer team for a few years that just made it to Premiership this season. But I am really ingnorant of how the season works in English football.

So can anyone (probably LITP) give me the basics of how a football season works over there?

How long is the regular season? How do the playoffs work? How does the European Cup work? How many teams get busted down to first division at the end of the season?

Thanks in advance - HB
Hey Hawk,

A soccer convert eh? Im impressed.

We have 20 teams in our Premier League, each teams plays the other teams twice (once home and once away) making the season 38 games long.

The season typically runs from August right through to the end of May (which makes for a nice short offseason)

There is no 'playoffs' in the Premier league - whoever has the most points at the end of the year is crowned English Champions.

3 teams (with the fewest points) are relegated to the division below (there are 4 divisions, in all) and 3 teams with the best records from that division replace them.

The European Cup has a fairly drawn out qualification process (for the lesser teams) so i'll skip that.

The main tournament has 8 groups of 4 teams - they each play each other twice (home and away) with 3 points awarded for a win, 1 for a draw, and zero for a loss.

The top 2 teams in each of the 8 groups qualify for the knockout tournament where they each play one other team (over 2 games again - home and away) - the winner progresses and the losers go home.

Eventually you end up the final two teams who play in the Champions league final - the winner being the European Champions.

Teams are drawn from all over Europe, but the major powers are England, Italy, Spain and Germany.

So, im hoping you are a follower of Sheffield United or of Reading - I think you have better taste than to have anything to do with Watford (my teams local rivals).

I support my local team - Luton Town - we are the league below the Premier and are a million miles away in earning capacity.

Hope that helps - any other questions just fire away

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