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Default Re: You'll probably win this one but then die a slow death at playoff time as usual

Ha...An Eagles fan boasting to AFC teams in 2005? I've seen it all now...

Eagles in the AFC in 2004 would have been 10-6. Eagles in the AFC in 2005 (With their NFC 2004 record in place) 9-7. Steelers, Patriots, Bengals, Chefs, Jets, Bills, Jax, Colts, San Diego could and probably would dump an L into your loss column this year. You should just be happy the Eagles are the '00's version of the 90's FSU teams that were always ranked #1 or #2 by playing through an incredibly weak ACC (Basketball conference) schedule.

It would normally be kind of sad to see a Philly fan reaching so far for straws, if not for the incredible amount of jealousy you harbor for other teams. Hell, Philly fans practically define the term "Inferiority Complex". Big City on the East Coast, not quite as chic as NYC, nor as powerful as DC. And now Boston has a bunch of championships. Not to mention the VERY obvious in-state rivalry. There is one "City of Champions" in Pennsylvania, and it ain't The City of Brotherly Love...

I wonder...Do you start out your season as an Eagles fan dreaming of ways to lose yet another Super Bowl?
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