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Default Re: Polamalu ties NFL record

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
lebeau has said they were cooking up alot of things for troy in the off season and giving him free reign to roam. infact the d-coord almost seemed like a kid with his new toy on x-mas. (i think lebeau is in pittsburgh for the long haul) what does this mean for troy? he has lined up as a d-lineman in the a-gap, as the mike linebacker, as a cornerback, and as a safety. they installed the "quarter" package (not nickel or dime) that uses him as a 3rd corner. you will not see any other defensive player lining up in all 3 levels of the defense. line... backer...and backfield. he is trully a unique player and i think we are just seeing the tip of the iceburgh. he says he has much to improve on (sounds like ben and willie). he definitely deserves a contract extension and to be a top 5 paid safety in the league. im sure he wont go nowhere. but he will cost $$$$$$. the sack on carr where he turned his back to the line pretending he was running into coverage and spun around to rush was beautiful. i read an article and it hinted that that move was contrived by picking dan kreiders brain on things that would confuse him. it worked to perfection.

did you know troy has said he has never watched a whole football game. he dont like watching it. he was always too busy playing it. hes a doer not a watcher and pittsburgh definitely has a gem.
sorry i misread. troy lines up at linebacker in the "quarter" package.
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