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Default Re: Draft/FA ... Tomlin

Originally Posted by Haiku_Dirtt View Post
Yeah. The contention that 1000 yards per season makes Willie our goto RB rings on deaf ears when you look at key seasonal matchups and games in which Willie barely gets 20 in a game. One point.

But then how bad was our O-line (or how good were they) in thoses games?
That's my biggest peeve with Parker. He either steals the show or hides on the sidelines. He just isn't consistent enough to pound defenses like B-more, San Diego, J-ville ... etc. I think a good look would be like a tony hunt. I am not completely against Najeh, or signing someone like TJ Duckett (which seems to be what a lot of people a "quickfix" to our power running game), however, what if we were sitting tight at spot 15 and the likes of marshawn lynch was just starring at us begging to be picked.

... this draft is extremely deep with players in skill positions, its actually proabably one of the deeper drafts in awhile. I don't see us taking a RB in the draft until late day one or very early day 2.
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