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Default is this the week we see hines ward in the slot?

all preseason they have talked about how they have new wrinkles in the passing game they were unable to use with plexico. all 3 wr can run all 3 positions to confuse the defenses and who is supposed to cover who. i say this week we will confuse them quick and then strike down the middle with heath miller. neither has really been seen on gamefilm and will be tough to plan a defense for. if their is a future matchup this gamefilm could be used to kind of keep the patriots on their heels and allow the steelers more freedom to employ the same tactics or just come out pounding the ball. i have a feeling the passing game will be used to set up the running game whereas most teams try to establish the run to open up the passing game. im sure patriots will be geared up to stop the run 1st but will be weary of the deep ball. this seems to play perfectly in getting heath millers feet wet and isolating w. parker on a linebacker.
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