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Default Re: Steelers struggle through Thursday's practice

Originally Posted by clevestinks
That would be funny! But I know we can all see Cowher screaming and spitting!
coach cowher is great with psychology. inside the nfl, week 1 had him miked up and there was an interesting exchange on the sidelines with him, duce and jerome. they were talking about how good they were playing and you could tell jerome and duce were loving it. cowher was smiling as they talked about defense and kind of tongue in cheek said , "yeah but we screwed up". jerome and duces eyes got big and they started spewing all the good defensive stats for the day asking their coach if he was serious and with a smile he said "yeah we screwed up". the 2 backs started laughing as if to call him crazy. the whole next week and in the post game conference to a tee, the defensive players, especially t. polamalu were saying how they screwed up and had lots of room to improve and were not where they need to be. this is where i think he is a great coach. while he knew his d played 1 hell of a game he had them coming out the following week on fire like they let one slip through their fingers. t. polamalu had 3 sacks and still seemed dissatisfied with his play. this team will not become complacent until they win the superbowl. bill cowher stakes his job on it. after all we see what complacency has done to the ravens. just cause they write a 'w' next to an opponent on a schedule they come out thinking their work is done. they figuresd since we beat the titans and they are so much better than we are they could sleep walk in tennessee. i bet that dolt billick canceled all practices heading up to that game.
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