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Default Re: English Football

Thanks for the explanation. I do happen to have been following Reading! A friend of mine from high school married the keeper Marcus Hahnemann back in the day. I don't see them very much since his career took them out of Seattle but I occasionally check the standings to see what is going on in their lives. He started off with Fulham when they were still 1st division but didn't get to play much. So then he ended up at Reading and it looks like things have been going very well. Its great to see them doing so well in their first year in the Premier division.

That is interesting that there is no English League post season. But I guess that the European Cup is the postseason. Is the European championship the end or does the champ play the Asian or South Americam champ?

What is the FA Cup?

What is the reaction across the pond to Beckham playing in LA?
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