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Default Re: And so it Begins...

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Well boo hoo!

I gotta say you Steeler fans are being a little precious about this whole thing - one minute you are telling the world how you are going to 'ram the football down our throats' with your esteemed ground game - then you're crying because you are being labelled as a primarily run first team.

That article is all based on fact - yes you are a running team, yes we are banged up in the secondary - and usual you are getting ahead of yourselves - worrying about what excuses the Pats are going to make WHEN they lose - lmao@ you guys - its all good.

I dont forecast any Steeler knickers becoming untwisted between now and kickoff though!


Living, I think the entire reason for this post is because last year when we beat you in regular season, all we heard was that Dillion was out. Whatever, our "starting" QB was out and we found a way to win. I think injuries, while they suck, can't hold you back and be an excuse to why you lost. You have to move on and find a way to win, and Living whether you want to admit it or not...that was the excuse as to why we beat you last year in the regular season.
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