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Default Re: has it spot-on

" has it spot-on"

Your right they did. The link you provided is from fox

Will the Steelers avenge their AFC Championship Game loss against a Patriots team reeling from its defeat to Carolina?
They should, but it won't be easy. This game likely will come down to the final moments, if not the final play.

The Steelers should have a slight edge because of several changes since that title game. Perhaps the most important is that Ben Roethlisberger is more polished and poised as a second-year quarterback. He has been highly efficient in two games, and possesses the knowledge and confidence to make more plays in the passing game than he did when the teams last met.

After that is the absence of inside linebackers Tedy Bruschi and Ted Johnson from the Patriots defense. New England was able to stuff Pittsburgh's running game in the previous meeting, thus putting far greater pressure on Roethlisberger, but that might very well not be the case this time.

The Patriots offensive line is not performing as well as it did last season. The Steelers will, of course, look to do plenty of blitzing, and that is likely to often force the Patriots into maximum protection. Tom Brady is an excellent quarterback who, with time, will usually make the big play. But if the Pats are keeping in extra blockers on passing downs, that leaves Brady with fewer targets.

Also, the Patriots, whose offense received such a major boost a year ago from the addition of running back Corey Dillon, have yet to establish a consistent ground attack in two games. They have shown a willingness to abandon the run early and put the offense almost entirely on Brady's passing arm. For all of Brady's talent, he will struggle against a strong and aggressive defense such as the one he will face this week if the Pats are unable to keep it off balance with the run.

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