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Default Re: Favorite Coach Quote

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
It was probably part of the agreement that Art Rooney made last year when talking to Jesus about it. In my head the conversation may have been something like this:

Art: You know Jesus it's been awhile since the boys in BnG have won a title. I didn't complain when you twisted those AFC-CGs in the favor of the...(pause)...patriots. But don't you think it's time that my family get that 5th trophy?

Jesus: Art, I love you like a brother. I know we've had some disagreements about the way you run my team of angels but you're a good man. I'll tell you what, Cowher is going to get his first Super Bowl title...but next year the Colts are going to win it all.

Art: WHAT! You mean Peyton Manning is going to get to hold up the trophy? Oh this is crazy. But promise me that Tony Dungy will still be the coach?

Jesus: Yes, Tony will still be the coach of the colts.

Art: Ok then, Tony is a good Pittsburgh Prodigy from back in the day of Chuck Noll. I guess I can live with that....ok, I agree!

Jesus: Good then, it will be!

Art: But after that, let my boys play the way they know how. We should've already had the 7th ring by now.

Jesus: Don't get greedy Art!


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