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Default Re: Altoona Area Fans?

Originally Posted by NV STEELERS 723 View Post
If you are ever in the South West (Vegas), give me a shout.
I will for sure. We're still going to the Arizona game next year, right??

Everywhere I go, I look for Steeler fans. I'm not looking for someone to spend an entire day with, or host me in their home. I just like to meet up for lunch, dinner, or coffee during the day to talk Steeler football with. I know people are busy, so am I.

To be fair, Altoona is not exactly a tech savvy community. Like SCM said, he is just one of a few on message boards. I think I would have had better luck sending up smoke signals asking people to meet me at Sheetz on 17th, or Eat'N'Park.

I knew there would be tons of Steeler fans in Altoona, and there were. I was just surprised that not one single person repsonded to my message and offered to meet up. I even spent some time in Pittsburgh.

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