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Default Re: I want Bush in this draft.

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post

What i was saying (didn't want to repeat it again here.. as I have posted it in a number of places) is that we should pick up either a LB or a CB in the first round draft, then the other of the two in FA. Pick up Bush as the second round choice. Then, we have Kemo and Colon on our line, and they will both do a great job. So we are pretty much taken care of. So from that point, we just pick who is the best player out there. One exception to that, we pick up a tall... fast receiver from a small school and see if they can do it in the bigs.
i'm not expecting anything out of free agency since we don't have much cap room, and we still need money to sign all our draft picks and a few of our own free agents, so IMO we need to inject some youth in to our defense through the first 2 rounds of the draft, where we are picking in the first and second we can get some studs that can produce almost right away. a running back isn't a true need, willie has proven he is durable and can carry the load, yes it would be great to get him a compliment, but it's not worth getting in the second round when we have bigger needs

i agree that kemo and colon will do great on our oline, heck even starks might be better because now he has colon riding his a$$ and they could bring the best out of eachother

so i think getting hunt in the 3rd would be better, or leonard in the 3rd/4th. as much as i would like bush cause he was a beast before the injury i just don't see the need for a running back that early.

and i think a tall wr is overrated, we have the tall target and his name is heath miller, i hope tomlin will put him in the offense more cause the dude has talent and has the potential to be great
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