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Default Re: They run the ball, control the game, control the clock. They're tough."

And maybe beating your team this year will be easier than you think. As both of your games have been highly questionable performances. BTW the Titans won their second game.

As for the Dynasty talk...its old.....its also a matter of opinion - I say we are one , you we aren't - the fact is we won 3/4...good luck getting anywhere close to that in your lifetime

Moron think before you type. I watched football when I was a kid during that dynasty of 4 superbowls. One more than your team.

But if dynasty talk puts your panties in a bind we can just do the obvious.

Steelers 2-0
Patriots 1 -1

And if you want to back up the bullshit your spewing. We can make a wager on which one of our teams will go further this year. Willing to make a wager? Oh yea a wager that you will actually pay that is. C'mon mouth let's see what ya got........
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