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Default Re: And so it Begins...

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Hey BBGirl,

When two teams who are so evenly matched lose a key player then it has to have an effect on the game. Now the Pats fans who complain about this are probably right to feel aggrieved - but what do you care?

Just ignore them - I remember you telling me stop coming here expecting Steelers fans to bow down to us - maybe you should stop expecting Pats fans to bow down to a team that hammered us in the regular season but then got beat at home in the playoffs...

I'm pretty sure if Ben went out injured and you went on to lose we would hear all about how your back-up wasn't able to launch the deep ball etc etc

Im hoping for a game with no injuries....


I believe in depth to having a good football team! Injuries happen every day, but you have to people that can step up and fill in when a starter goes down. I never make an injury excuse....I think it's the lamest excuse in the book! You guys can say it all you want, I could care what ever you need to do to feel good about yourselves. The problem was last year we ended your streak and made the rest of the NFL see that you were infact a team that could be beat and maybe not so perfect as you all believe you are!

I can agree with your last sentence though...I hope we have an injury free game!

Good luck...see ya tomorrow!
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