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Default Re: Prayers Deeply Appreciated

Thank you all - it means a lot to me.

The situation has gotten worse and the surgery which was scheduled for this morning has now been postponed. Yesterday afternoon, he had a CT scan of his chest so that the doctors could take a look at how thick the scar tissue from his bypass surgery years ago was. Instead, they found a blood clot in his left lung the size of a half dollar that the pulmonary doctor said hasn't been there long. Ken has been on Coumadin, a blood thinner, since his bypass surgery, but they had to take him off of it last Thursday in anticipation of the cardiac cath on Tuesday. The docs believe the clot originated from his left leg. In a normal situation, they would send the patient home for 90 days to allow the clot to dissolve using various medications to enable that process, but as the cardiologist said last night while I was in the room - Ken doesn't have 30 days to wait, much less 90. He also said that under no circumstances will he allow Ken to leave the hospital - it is too dangerous. They started him on a blood thinner and clot busting medication last night which is injected through the abdomen, which he will now have twice a day. The cardiologist stated that he was going to have a conference with the surgeon this morning and decide what to do, as going ahead with the surgery with a pulmonary embolism in the lung takes the risks up even higher.

I just have to continue to be strong for him - he is trying to stay positive through all of this as am I. Please continue to keep him in your prayers - he's going to need them more than ever now. Again, thank you all and God bless.

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