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Default Re: The Non Smack Version of Who Is the Best QB in the AFC-N

ben is a leader and proven winner who is tough as nails. he can also punt, run, and tackle. ben won 13 games in his rookie season, yet carson cant win more than 11. all we hear about is carsons offensive weaponry, yet he managed 8 losses last season, when they were supposed to win a superbowl.

carson is 1 dimensional. he has an arm and can throw a nice spiral, but then again, so can a juggs machine. he will probably put up some nice numbers like vinnie testaverde, but ben can scramble, improvise and put up wins like a brett farve, john, elway, or troy aikman.

ben is still relatively new to the position, with alot to learn, and tons of upside. it doesnt get much better for carson.
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